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About Artiwa

      Since our mission is to encourage the masterpieces of Thai craftsmen into a global stage, all Artiwa®‘s product is thus made by Thai craftsmen and hill tribe people of Northern Thailand.  And we are pleased to offer these unique and hard-to-find products with reasonable price, along with delivery service directly to your home - wherever you are. 
      Each of your purchase costs a better opportunity and life for underprivileged and low-paid people like Thai craftsmen and hill tribes - they will get hired and paid. By the way, part of purchase amount will be donated to Thai Elephant Conservation as Elephant is a symbol of Thailand.
      So one purchase is not only for one product but also for one pace of social care and better life !!
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Legend of craftwork teller

All Artiwa®’s products are established in Chiang Mai – one of the centers of ancient Asian culture and art. The special, unique weaving and tailoring method originated in Chiang Mai combined with modern technology is applied for manufacturing process, operated by local skilled craftsmen. So our product is remarked with best quality, great elaboration and durability which can be guaranteed by worldwide top hotel and resort uses.